Frequently Asked Questions

1 How does it work?

SharpCredit works both on mobile USSD and our Website.

Dial ( *347*780*50#) to apply or click here to apply.

2 How much cash can I borrow?

The minimum cash loan amount is ₦10,000 and the maximum cash loan amount is ₦300,000.

3 Who is eligible?

A federal or state government worker whose salary is being paid through Remita payment platform.

Any private or corporate employee of any organisations whose salary is being paid through Remita payment platform.

4 Do I need documents to apply?

No documentation.

5 How do I apply?

Apply on the website or *347*780*50#

6 When will I get my cash?

Loan is instantly processed once application is done and approved. Then your account is funded.

7 How do I payback my sharpcredit loan?

Repayment is automatically deducted on from your salary.

8 Is it possible to change loan amount after I apply?


9 Can I apply more than once via ussd or website?

You are not allowed to apply for more than one loan at a time. You can request for another loan once current loan has been cleared.

10 Do I need collateral?

No colleteral is needed to get this loan.

11 What happens if I default

We are hopeful that as a customer, you will try and keep up with your obligations and ensure your loan is paid off as and when due. Kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions here.

12 Why was I unable to complete my loan request?

Possible Reasons

  • You have not been profiled to access SharpCredit loans
  • Your salary is not being processed by Remita
  • Your email is not valid
  • Your details are not correct
  • You have an existing loan under processing
  • Your Mobile number is not not registered in your salary payroll